5 Best Used Cars for Commuters

best used cars for commuters

Are you tired of spending hours stuck in traffic during your daily commute? Do you want a reliable and fuel-efficient car that won’t break the bank? Look no further! In this blog post, we will highlight several of the best used cars for commuters. These vehicles are known for their durability, reliability, and impressive mileage, making them ideal for those who spend a significant amount of time on the road.

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Used Auto Financing: Everything You Need to Know If You Have Bad Credit

used auto financing

Are you in the market for a used vehicle but worried about your credit score? You may hesitate to pursue financing because your poor credit score may lead to high-interest rates and unfavorable loan terms. However, purchasing a used vehicle from a “buy here, pay here” dealership like Auto Action can help boost your credit score. Below, we explore how used auto financing can benefit someone low on cash or with bad credit and explain why choosing a reputable dealership like Auto Action is important.

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Disadvantages of Buying a New Car (And Why You Should Buy a Used Car Instead)

disadvantages of buying a new car

We all love new things, shiny and untouched, but sometimes that newness comes with a high price tag. The same can be said for buying a new car. While the latest features and upgrades are enticing, you might be better off skipping the new car lot and heading straight for a reliable used car dealership like Auto Action. In this blog post, we will go through some of the significant disadvantages of buying a new car and why a used vehicle might be the way to go.

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Should I Sell My Car to a Dealer or Privately? Pros and Cons to Consider

should i sell my car to a dealer or privately

If you’re in the market for a new, used car, you may wonder: “Should I sell my car to a dealer or privately?” Both options have their own set of advantages and disadvantages, which can make it difficult to decide. This guide will help you determine which approach is best for you – we look at each option’s pros and cons, so you can decide how to sell your car.

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What to Expect When You Apply for a Bad Credit Auto Loan

apply for a bad credit auto loan

Purchasing a car, whether new or used, is a significant milestone. However, it can be a daunting experience when you have bad credit. You may feel anxious and skeptical about applying for a used car auto loan with a low credit score. Fortunately, Auto Action is here to help you easily navigate the financing process. In this blog post, we will highlight what to expect when you apply for a bad credit auto loan and how financing at Auto Action can make the process smoother.

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What to Look For When Test Driving a Car

what to look for when test driving a car

Test driving a car can be exciting, and as much as you may want it to be “the one,” there are a few factors to watch for. Start by printing out a test drive checklist to help you stay focused. Take it with you and note any concerns that come up during your first time behind the wheel of your potential new car. Here is what to look for when test driving a car:

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Best Used Luxury Cars for the Money

best used luxury cars

Preowned luxury vehicles provide all the benefits of driving a high-end vehicle without the hefty price tag. Every Auto Action vehicle comes with our AAAdvantage Package which includes free oil changes, warranty coverage, anti-theft protection and total loss protection. If you are ready to buy a used luxury vehicle but aren’t sure which models offer the best combination of value and price, check out our list of the best used luxury cars available.

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Surprising Benefits of Used Car Lots That Finance

used car lots that finance

There are many ways to get a vehicle financed. Dealerships typically offer to take a buyer’s credit application and submit it to multiple banks in an attempt to get a car loan for the customer. Buyers can go to their bank or credit union and get financing separately from a dealership, as well. However, auto loans with reasonable interest rates and fees can be difficult to get approved for if you are a credit-challenged buyer. But did you know there are used car lots that finance, too?

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Why Buying Used Cars with Very Low Mileage Can Be a Mistake

used cars with low mileage

Modern cars, trucks, and SUVs are typically designed to travel hundreds of thousands of miles. A well-maintained vehicle can often have an odometer reading of 200,000 miles or more and still provide a safe and comfortable ride. When shopping for a high-quality used car, most people look for low-mileage vehicles with no body damage that looks like it’s been properly cared for. Low mileage isn’t always a plus, though. Keep reading to learn why buying used cars with low mileage can lead to more trouble. What Is Considered a Low-Mileage Used Car? The term low mileage is thrown around a lot at car dealerships, and there’s actual math behind the term. The average driver in the United States puts between 10,000 and 12,000 miles on their vehicle each year. So a five-year-old car with 25,000 miles on it is considered a low-mileage vehicle, since the average five-year-old vehicle may have

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Best Place to Buy Quality Used Trucks in Phoenix, AZ

best place to buy used trucks in phoenix

Wondering the best place to buy used trucks in Phoenix? Pandemic-related shortages have yet to resolve, and local Phoenix residents often struggle to find high quality used trucks. At our buy here pay here car lots, our extensive inventory provides numerous trucks from which to choose. How to Get a Quality Used Truck in Phoenix Demand for trucks is higher than ever, but production of new trucks remains slow in the wake of the 2020 global pandemic. Many factories were forced to shut down operations, and even now, supply chain disruptions make it difficult to purchase a brand-new truck. As a result, many consumers are turning to the used truck market, creating inflated prices and a shortage of inventory. Why Choose Our Buy Here Pay Here Dealerships? The sales team at Auto Action is committed to helping you find the truck you want. At our buy here pay here in

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