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A: In an effort to redefine the used car buying experience, we provide our customers with a simple loan approval process so that you may shop with confidence when purchasing your next vehicle, which includes our AA Advantage Program a worry free limited warranty with 12 month/12,000 mile vehicle coverage, one year free oil changes, Total Loss Protection, and the secure feeling to know that your vehicle is equipped with an anti theft device. We invite you to come on down to the dealership take a look around, and speak with a Finance Specialist… What you see will be refreshing!
A: There is no set down payment, for any particular vehicle. Down payments are determined by your individual situation, based on stability factors (job, residency, credit). We pride ourselves in being the MOST aggressive dealership in the valley
A: With interest rates as low as 9.9% we can finance just about any credit situation whether good or bad. Interest rates are determined based on your individual situation. If you have great credit, you’re a first time buyer, or had some “bumps” in the road, OUR FINANCE SPECIALIST WILL FIND THE “RIGHT PROGRAM” FOR YOU.
A: ABSOLUTELY, we are always looking for good quality pre owned vehicles to add to our ever growing inventory, if you’re looking to “upgrade” or you simply need to trade in your UN reliable vehicle, we will accept your vehicle as a down or partial down payment.
A Valid driver’s license, proof of income(checkstubs, bank statements, or job letter) proof of residence(mailed to you in last 30 days) and eight references. “Yes it’s that easy” Fill out the application online. This gives us preliminary information about you. Come in and see us. We do not run your credit until you have been in to visit us, for your privacy and protection.
A: Payments are determined by the amount financed, the down payment, interest rate and the term of the loan. We like to keep our loans short term, so that you may rebuild your credit “quicker” and or “trade up” sooner.
A: At Auto Action, we set your payments up based on how you get paid. For example, if you get paid bi-weekly, we will set your payments up every 2 weeks, if you get paid semi monthly or monthly your payment will coincide with your paydays, this is to ensure we set you up correctly from the beginning.
Payment Methods:
· Make a Payment by Phone : Customer Care 888-226-5711 ($10.00 Fee waived with recurring payment setup)
· Make a payment online: ($10.00 Fee waived with recurring payment setup)
· Please call our Customer Care # listed above or click the link below to be set up on Auto-Pay (ACH) or recurring payments
· Cash: ONLY at Wal-Mart/ Any location near you. Please make sure you have your Account# above to make your payment at Wal-Mart. Please ask for the “CheckFree” options (Minimal fees apply)
· MoneyGram (Code 7656)
· Money Order, Cashier’s Check (Sorry NO Personal Checks) Please make above payments payable to and mailed to:

Auto Now Financial Services
PO Box 816
Glendale, AZ 85311

You may go to any MoneyGram retail agent location to have your payment sent to us. Call 1-800-MoneyGram to find the nearest location. At the agent location, please provide the clerk with the following; Receive Code “7656,” company name “,” city “,” state “AZ,” and your account number to ensure proper posting. We typically receive and post these payments to your account within one full business day. Our business days are Monday-Friday. MoneyGram may charge a fee for this service.

12-5. Payoffs should be mailed to:
Attn: Payoff Department
PO Box 816
Glendale, AZ 85311

A: Yes. We can transfer most cars to the store nearest you from another store and we do this free of charge… no transfer fee will apply.
A: Although you cannot complete a car-buying transaction online, you can begin the process. Each page includes several links to help you get started. Of course, you are also welcome to call your nearest store; the phone number and address will be listed at our “Dealership Locator” page.

*Limited warranty or service agreement. See dealer for full details.*

A: Our goal is simple: Exceed the customer’s expectations, because our success is in their hands.
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