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It may be time for you to buy a new-to-you car. Most people are unable to save up a significant amount of money in order to buy it outright from one of their nearest used car dealers in Phoenix so they have to look into financing it. However, loans can be quite confusing and most people don’t even know what they should be asking as they compare loans. Here are some questions you should ask before financing a used car.

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When you have bad credit, it can feel like you are drowning in debt and nothing will ever change. However, there are ways to turn your life around and improve your credit score. That’s where Auto Action comes in. We have some of the best bad credit auto loans Arizona has to offer and all you need to do is just make some of the following changes.

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We get it. Sometimes the bills pile up and everyday living expenses can really add up. Many people struggle just to pay their monthly bills and there are times when you have to choose between paying for groceries and paying for your car. Add in an emergency to the situation and you can easily get behind. So what can you do if your car payments are too much! What are your options? Not paying can be detrimental to your credit score so here are some other things you should do before you lose your car. Let’s make sure you’re financing with the right car loans Arizona has to offer you!

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It can be hard to get where you need to be if you don’t have a reliable car including getting to work, bringing the kids to school, visiting your parents, going grocery shopping, and more When your old car needs to be replaced, it can be difficult to find a good car if you don’t have any money saved up and your credit is not as good as you want it to be. However, many dealerships offer buy here pay here Arizona area options, ensuring that you can get around like you need to.

What do buy here pay here Arizona dealers really have to offer?
  • A “buy here, pay here” option is usually a way of financing a car through the dealership. There is no bank or separate financial institute giving you the loan.
  • These plans can be easier because you will make all of the payments and arrangements through the dealership, instead ...
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With the advent of summer comes rising temperatures and hot cars, creating a scorching environment trying to get from one place to another. Avoid burns and arid temperatures within your car with these five tips to keep the heat off and your car cool. Your favorite Phoenix car dealer is here to help you make sure you have all the high temperature, vehicle-related tips you need to know!

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As the summer winds down, it’s the perfect time of year to escape the city for long weekend trips out in the country. The rush of summertime vacationers is subsiding, the kids are going back to school, so take advantage of the open freeways and scenic roads. Fall is not only the perfect time of year to take one last trip, it’s one of the best times to purchase a used car. Many Auto Action used car dealerships in Phoenix, AZ area have the perfect vehicle and hassle-free financing to get you on the road.

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When shopping for a used car, there are several things to keep in mind:

  • How many people typically ride in your vehicle?
  • Do you live in a city, a rural town, or out in the country?
  • What is the main purpose for your vehicle?
  • What are the best Arizona used car dealerships nearby?
  • What type of financing will you need?

We are here to help you answer all of these questions and more!

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In most places in America, it’s hard to get by without a car. One of the rites of passage for young men and women is to own their own car and gain independence. Maybe your first car was purchased from a family member; it had about a billion miles on it and a door that was a different color. Or perhaps, after years of bumming rides with friends or taking the bus, you have finally graduated from college and are looking to embrace your adulthood at its fullest with a newer used car of your own. You need to have a car for this stage in your life, but you’re nervous that your credit history will hold you back.

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2017 is shaping up to be a great summer for a road trip. Gas prices are relatively low, the weather is great, and there are so many must-see places to visit. All you need is some gas money and a reliable car and if you don’t, now is the time to check out the best auto Phoenix dealers around! In the meantime, here are six places to visit if you are from the Phoenix area.

Is it really possible to get better credit by financing from used car dealerships in Arizona? The answer is yes! When you’re struggling with credit issues and know you need a better car it can be a tough burden to bear. After all, you need a decent car to get to work in or to run important errands with. But a brand new car, including the loan for that new car, is out of reach for a lot of people. Now you can take a deep breath because using credit to finance a used car can not only improve your credit score, it can get you into a much more reliable car than you currently have from a used car dealerships Arizona residents trust. Come visit an Auto Action location near you to test drive your next vehicle or apply for financing online!

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