Build Your Credit By Buying a Used Car with $500 Down


Raise your hand if this situation sounds relatable? You are in desperate need of a new used vehicle, but you have next to nothing in your savings and your credit is shot. This can be a paralyzing situation. Where do you turn to? A Buy Here Pay Here lot, like Auto Action is the answer. We are the premier used auto dealership in the Phoenix area, and offer programs to consumers with poor credit. We feature a huge variety of cars that will be sure to fit your lifestyle and budget.

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The Best Used Car For Every Need

When shopping for a used car, there are several things to keep in mind: How many people typically ride in your vehicle? Do you live in a city, a rural town, or out in the country? What is the main purpose for your vehicle? What are the best Arizona used car dealerships nearby? What type of financing will you need? We are here to help you answer all of these questions and more!

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4 Inspection Questions to Ask Your Used Car Dealerships in Phoenix

Used Car Dealerships in Phoenix

When buying a new car, there are so many options–it can be overwhelming. Dealing directly with used car dealerships in Phoenix, or around the greater Phoenix area, may be the best and most reliable choice. When dealing with individuals selling their car on Craigslist, Ebay, or in a Newspaper, they may not be able to answer the essential inspection questions about the car’s history. Asking these four simple questions before you buy a car may save you money in the long run.

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What You Should Know When Buying a Used Car

used car dealerships in phoenix az

Are you on the hunt for a used car? Your current vehicle is past its prime and you’re ready for an upgrade, but then you have to take the time to do the research and then you have to finance the vehicle. Even the experts at Auto Action know that there’s nothing fun about it. The process is frustrating, expensive, and time-consuming. But we’re here to make things easier for you in order to feel confident in making your big purchase! Before you browse the used car dealerships in Phoenix AZ, check out these best practices for buying a used car.

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Which Used Car Lots in Phoenix Have the Best Financing?

young man standing in used car lots in phoenix, used car lots in phoenix az

We are one of the premier buy here pay here used car lots in Phoenix, AZ, and there is a reason why our customers keep coming back and continue to recommend Auto Action to all their family and friends. We take pride in our wide variety of affordable used cars, our extraordinary customer service and our simple loan approval process. Here’s why, out of all the used car lots, Phoenix residents take their business to Auto Action.

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Phoenix Buy Here Pay Here Loans for Your Next Used Car

Phoenix buy here pay here

When you are shopping for a used car in Arizona, there are many options. Huge, corporate dealers may show flashy commercials and offer gimmicky prizes or incentive to buy with them, but at the end of the day, they are all the same. Private sales may seem appealing, but you really never know what you’re getting, do you? And who’s responsible when you pay your private party, drive away, and a week later your new car breaks down? YOU.

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4 Most Important Aspects of Your Used Car

man looking under hood | phoenix used cars for sale

Buying a new car or used car  is exciting. When buying a new used car, it is especially important to do an adequate amount of research on the make, model, and year of the car you are interested in so that your exciting new car doesn’t end up being a major disappointment. By checking these 4 important aspects of a used car you will more likely to drive off the lot with a dependable vehicle that will save you extra costs later down the road.

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How Do I Find the Best Used Car Dealership?

The Best Used Car Dealership

Buying a new car can always be a challenge, and finding a place to get one can be even more daunting. You’re probably imagining a crowded lot with dealers that are trying to use high-pressure sales tactics to get you to spend more money than you want to. You’re afraid you might buy whatever they sell you, because you’re not even sure what it is you want! Don’t worry! Auto Action is here give you the tools you need to approach this scenario with confidence. The dynamic of car dealer and customer relationships has changed over the past few years. Customers don’t stand for that kind of opposing behavior anymore. Dealers tend to now be rightly focused on customer satisfaction and sales satisfaction ratings, as this criteria leads to bigger bonuses and other rewards. When you are looking for the best used car dealership, here are some things to remember.

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