When shopping for a used car, there are several things to keep in mind:

  • How many people typically ride in your vehicle?
  • Do you live in a city, a rural town, or out in the country?
  • What is the main purpose for your vehicle?
  • What are the best Arizona used car dealerships nearby?
  • What type of financing will you need?

We are here to help you answer all of these questions and more!

Whether you’re chauffeuring the kids around to school and soccer practice, commuting to and from work, or need a reliable vehicle to take on important business trips, rest assured, we can help you find a quality used car that you will love. Browse our used car inventory or read through our list of great used cars.

The Honda Civic is not only stylish, but it also gets great gas mileage! Despite its compact size, it’s actually quite roomy and tends to hold value well. A Civic is a great choice for anyone and a pretty common find at Auto Action’s used car dealerships.

The Ford Escort is a perfect car for students or a couple. Besides getting great gas mileage, upkeep is minimal, and it comes with a reasonable price tag.

The Toyota Tundra is at the top of its class for full-size trucks. With a very desirable body style, a V-8 engine, and different off-road packages, this truck is set for both work and play. You just can’t beat the style and practicality of this truck.

A Chevy Tahoe is the perfect vehicle for larger families. Reliable, sleek, and roomy, the Tahoe can suit all your family’s needs. Whether you need to get the kids around town, or are taking a cross-country trip, rest assured that you will be riding in comfort and style. Seats up to 7.

Having a van is like having the best of both worlds. With the great gas mileage of a car and even more room than an SUV, the Dodge Caravan is a great choice for anyone who is in the market for a spacious, dependable vehicle. Seats up to 7, with room left over.

The Ford Ranger offers most of the options of a full-size truck with even better fuel mileage. Great to get you to and from work, or class. Although a more rare find on our lots, you’ll definitely be hitting the jackpot with this spectacular vehicle!

The Nissan Altima is another sleek styled, affordable mid-size car, that gets excellent fuel mileage. Great for smaller families or single parents!

The Dodge Ram truck has about every option imaginable from diesel engines and 4-wheel drive capabilities to Bluetooth stereos. A favorite amongst country boys everywhere, and great for the working man.

The Chevy Cavalier is another great car for students or couples. With above average fuel mileage, a sporty look, affordable repairs, and a very inexpensive price tag, the cavalier is an all-around great car.

With our “Buy Here, Pay Here” financing options, we can get you into a quality used car, today! We offer in-house financing, as well as bad credit auto loan. Don’t let credit issues get in the way of you getting the used car you need and deserve. Don’t waste your time searching at other Arizona used car dealerships.Give the Experts On Cars and Credit at Auto Action a call today, and let our friendly staff help you find the perfect car that will fit all your needs.