Ways to Save Money This Summer

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There are more than a few reasons why we spend so much money in the summer time. It’s beautiful outside and the kids are out of school, creating a perfect opportunity to break the bank on family activities like a day at the theme park. That same beautiful weather makes us all decide we need a whole new wardrobe, and somehow we always surpass the intended budget. Summer shouldn’t be spent worrying about money, it should be spent enjoying the sunshine with friends and family; so here are the top 4 ways to save money this summer.

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3 Ways to Get Your Debt Under Control

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Sometimes it feels that as soon as you get your paycheck and then pay your bills you are left with peanuts. Dealing with debt and living paycheck to paycheck can be stressful and lead us to even worse spending habits. Even worse, when something unexpected comes up such as a washing machine gone mad or a car smoking on the side of the road it can mean a real problem and a real scramble to get the money that you need. At times dealing with debt can seem like an endless and frustrating hole that you can’t dig out of. The truth is you can and you will but it won’t be easy. Be honest with yourself about what you need. Here are a few tricks to dealing with debt and achieving financial freedom.

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5 Worst Auto Financing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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Buying a car should be exciting but, oftentimes, it’s just overwhelming. From choosing a car that best suits your lifestyle to obtaining the best financing for your budget, there are so many decisions to make. At Auto Action, we have a wide selection of used vehicles, a number of convenient dealership locations, as well as Arizona auto loans that can fit any budget. We see so many customers year in and year out that have so many questions about the best way to go about financing their used car, so we put together this article to help explain the five worst auto financing mistakes and how to avoid them.

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Paying Off Your Debt with a Stress-Free Strategy

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Paying off your debt doesn’t have to be a stressful, endless burden. There are many resources available online or you can get help through a debt-relief counseling agency. No matter the path you choose, the best way to come up with a stress-free plan for becoming debt free is to create a payment plan and a realistic budget for getting on track financially.

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Tips on Holiday Shopping For Used Cars In Phoenix Arizona

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Are you going to be checking out used cars in Phoenix Arizona this holiday season? Now is the time to get the best deal of the year, rather than waiting around until the crazy shopping season winds down into the New Year. In fact, used car prices tend to be their lowest in December, as the expectations for lease contracts and trade-ins are at their annual low. Check out these tips to keep in mind when holiday shopping for used cars this month.

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4 Ways to Save on Used Cars in Arizona

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Right before Thanksgiving is one of the best times of year to buy a used car because dealers may have extra motives to make a deal. The holidays are coming meaning people do not have extraneous money to spend and tax season is months away, so there is certainly no extra money flooding the market. This year, you can get an extra edge on buying used cars by looking at the auto industry’s massive level of overproduction in the years 2005-2007. Here are 4 unique niches in today’s used car market where you can get the best deal.

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Safe and Affordable Used Cars with the Best Crash Scores

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It can be a stressful time when you’re looking at affordable used cars and entering the buying process. There are myriad tangibles to interact with and research, from fuel efficiency to dependability, from number of seats to number of miles on the odometer. Above all else, especially when shopping for a family vehicle, the safety of that car is foremost in many buyer’s minds. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) uses an exhaustive rubric for measuring the safety capabilities of a given vehicle, resulting in an overall “crashworthiness” rating of either Good, Acceptable, Marginal, or Poor. Understanding what tests these vehicles undergo and how the IIHS makes their judgements can help the consumer make an informed decision on the overall safety of a vehicle.

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Top 5 Tax Deductible Vehicle Expenses

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Tax deductible season is here again! For a lot of people, tax season is linked to financial related stress and anxiety. Luckily, for those who are looking into or have already bought a car, there are some secrets Auto Action has for tax deductible expenses related to your vehicle, especially if you have your own small business (even business you may not expect like a landscaping company, housekeeping services, construction, etc.) Here are 5 tax deductions you may be eligible for.

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