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Paying off your debt doesn’t have to be a stressful, endless burden. There are many resources available online or you can get help through a debt-relief counseling agency. No matter the path you choose, the best way to come up with a stress-free plan for becoming debt free is to create a payment plan and a realistic budget for getting on track financially.

First, know you are not alone. Studies show that 80% of Americans currently have accumulated debt from credit card debt to hospital bills. A good place to get started is to fill out a spreadsheet that lists each debt you have separately. For example, a category for student loan debt and a category for credit card debt.

Start small. Paying off debt is not a quick process. Come up with a goal amount for each of your categories that you will send in each month. Plot out a monthly payment for the desired amount of time in years in which you would like to be debt-free at the end of. Be sure to spend wisely each month and refrain from buying things you can’t afford. Put money into each category as soon as you get paid and keep it there. Use the rest of the money you make each month for your fun funds.

Other approaches for paying off your debt include paying the minimum amount for each loan each month, putting all extra funds towards whatever chosen category you would like to be debt-free in the soonest. This keeps all other category payments as small as possible, but also may reap more of an accomplishment once a particular category is completely cleared.

Whatever method you choose, be sure to balance saving up a necessary amount to live comfortably and spend your funds wisely. And remember, whenever you want the best bad credit auto loans Arizona has to offer, Auto Action has the payment plan for you!