With many Americans living paycheck to paycheck, a reliable used car is typically the most affordable option when it comes to purchasing a vehicle. As more of us become expert penny pinchers we forget about the frivolously flashy cars and go for vehicles with options that are specific to our individual needs. If you are in the market for a used car in Mesa, AZ and have bad credit, here are some tips for getting the most car for your money.

What’s Your Budget?

The most important piece of information needed before starting your search is to know how much you have for the down payment and how much you can afford to pay monthly. Make a list of living expenses like rent, electricity, cable, phone, and heat. You will also need to eat, so don’t forget to include groceries. Once you have a car you will need insurance, gas, oil changes and routine maintenance. The good news is, buying a used car saves you money, so you have more to spend on things you need and some left over for the extras.

Try Buy Here Pay Here Financing

If your credit score isn’t great, a bank is less likely to work with you to build up your credit and give you a low-interest rate. That means you will be paying more for your vehicle. If you are looking for used cars in Mesa, AZ, there are buy here pay here dealerships that are willing to work with people who have good, bad, or no credit.

What Does Credit Have to Do With a Down Payment?

The great thing about $500 down finance programs at Buy Here Pay Here dealers, is that they know you may not have the best credit. Buy Here Pay Here dealerships are a great solution for those who have little to no credit. Start by contacting us and we can discuss what your potential down payment would be.

Make Auto Loan Payments On Time

Many dealerships offer several convenient ways to make your payments. How can you avoid making late payments? Work with the dealership finance manager to ensure your payment dates align with your pay dates. Making all the payments on time will build your credit.

Purchasing a used vehicle can save you money now and in the long run. Getting a used car loan is easier than buying new, and when you have a cooperative lender, you can not only save money but rebuild your credit at the same time. We call that a win-win. Start by checking our wide selection of popular used cars and see if you qualify for financing right here!

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