Used Cars in Phoenix: Buy Like a Pro

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Find out the best tips for buying used cars in Phoenix AZ like a pro. Ask the right questions and you will be driving off the lot in your dream car.

Buying a new used car is a stressful purchase and an ongoing expense, but it also a necessity. Although the whole process can be overwhelming, it is not impossible to get a great deal on a safe and reliable vehicle that will last you years to come. We have put together 4 tips that will help you shop like a pro and find the perfect used car.

Research Used Cars (and Find the Best Prices!)
If you are buying a used car in Phoenix, start by looking at cars in the local classifieds as well as on sites like As you look at cars, prioritize the type of car you want, but more importantly the type of car you need for your lifestyle or job. When you find the car type and model that you want, do some research to find out the true value of the used car which will offer you a negotiating advantage. Come to the dealer prepared with a list of car types, models, and even years you that you may be interested in test driving.

The Right to Questions to Ask Your Car Dealer
Before heading to the dealership, be prepared to ask the right questions. Here is a list of the top questions to ask your car dealer:

– Year of the car, mileage (if applicable, why so high or so low)?
– Transmission type (do you need an automatic or can you drive a stick shift)?
– Is there a title available? Are all the historical records available?
– Have there been any major repairs done?
– Any major repairs needed? What is the asking price?

The Best Used Cars in Phoenix are Only a Test Drive Away
Once you have a selection of cars to test drive, it’s important to know what to look for when you are in the car and out on the road. Our top five steps are outlined here.

Good Credit, Bad Credit, or No Credit, Get the Financing You Need
It is rare that someone can walk onto a car lot and buy a car outright with cash. Most people have to finance their new used car with a loan. So before you even head over to the used car dealership, know how much you can afford for a monthly payment. There are a range of handy calculators online that can help you to determine a price range that will work for your budget. Remember that you can take into account the cash down payment, possible trade-in, and how much you may owe on your old car. If you have bad credit or no credit, learn more about how you can get financing for your next vehicle here.

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