Ford Truck

Is buying a used truck worth it? For those who have ever owned one, the answer in all likelihood is, “Yes.” Though there may be a few disadvantages for some, a truck offers a number of benefits that a car simply does not. Whether for work, family or simply tooling around running errands, a truck comes in handy all the time. Spacious and safe, trucks offer utility that regular cars and SUVs are not capable of. Anyone working in the construction and trade industries knows trucks are indispensable. Families going on vacation can do so with a boat or RV in tow. If you are considering buying a used truck, here are a few advantages and disadvantages, along with a few reliable makes, to help with your decision-making.

A truck provides plenty of cargo space for whatever your needs might be. They are designed to have lots of room to haul cargo. The simple fact is that you can not fit as much in a car’s trunk as you can in a truck’s bed. Whether for the job or vacation, just secure the cargo in the bed and go to work or hit the road.

Safety is another factor in owning a truck. On the road, trucks, by their very design, are significantly safer than the average-sized car. Trucks sit higher on their chassis, they are heavier and stronger and able to withstand a greater impact if you are unfortunate enough to get into a crash, and less likely to lead to any serious injuries or major damage to the truck. Most trucks also have all-wheel drive capabilities that make driving safe and easy in all weather conditions.

A truck offers more utility than any other type of vehicle. Rugged and durable, trucks are designed for hauling and towing big loads of any kind. Be it heavy tools and equipment for a job or towing a trailer, hauling and towing is one of the prime reasons people buy a truck. Having easy access to tools or loading and unloading equipment streamlines your work. Having the power to tow a trailer, move your parent’s couch, or carry a load of rubbish to the landfill is something you can’t do with a car or even an SUV.

Trucks do have a few disadvantages that may turn away potential buyers. Fuel efficiency is one issue. Unless it’s a diesel engine, the average pickup truck gets approximately 23 miles per gallon (many makes and models get lower mpg). Fuel costs can be high. Trucks also take up more room on the road and in parking lots, making them less easy to maneuver and park than cars. Unless you purchase an extended cab, seating capacity is limited in basic truck models. If there is a back seat space, it’s small and makes it uncomfortable for more than two passengers. Lastly, trucks do have issues with security and privacy. Unless the truck has a secure cargo bed or bin or tool chest, cargo is exposed and vulnerable in the bed of a truck.

Ultimately, when buying a used truck, owners really want to know one thing: how dependable will it be. JD Powers conducted a truck dependability study from 2005 through 2019. Over that 15 year period, Toyota and Chevrolet were top makes across mid-size, full-size and heavy-duty categories. Toyota Tacoma and Tundra, and Chevy S-10 and Silverado, along with GMC Sierra, were top models. Ford Ranger and F-150, Honda Ridgeline, and Nissan Frontier were also winners in some years.

If you are considering buying a used truck, it’s important to weigh the advantages and disadvantages before making your purchase. If you need size and cargo space, with safety and utility, then buying a truck is for you.

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