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It’s a challenge when you need a dependable used car fast but don’t have any savings or good credit. Even if you live within walking distance of your job, you need a car for so many other everyday activities. Going to the grocery store, visiting relatives, going out with friends – you can’t realistically walk everywhere.

Traditional auto dealerships work with banks and use financing formulas that aren’t accessible to everyone. Good credit, a substantial down payment, and limited repayment terms are the norm. But what if you aren’t in the market for a new or a fairly new vehicle, don’t have a ton of cash on hand, and just need a decent used car?

That’s where a 500 down dealership can solve your problem.

What is a 500 Down Dealership?
So what is the difference between a 500 down dealership and traditional used car dealerships?

While traditional used car dealerships work with bank financing, a 500 down dealership provides the financing for cars they sell. Traditional dealerships, working with their bank contacts, run financing formulas with the credit requirements of the banks. 500 down dealerships don’t use traditional credit formulas; they use other criteria and terms to accept low down payments for sales.

They process financing in-house, not using outside lenders like banks. With alternative criteria to ensure ability to pay, 500 down car dealerships can sell to customers who might not otherwise be able to buy a car.

Sales Process at a 500 Down Dealership 
With poor credit, buyers will benefit from buying from 500 down dealership. You’ll get a used vehicle with a quick financing process that doesn’t require a review of your credit. You will deal directly with the dealership for the financing decision so you get your vehicle fast. You also start improving your credit quickly.

Instead of reviewing your credit, you provide proof of identification and income, residence, and references. You can get customized sales and repayment terms when you go to a 500 down dealership, as well as a low down payment. It can be a life saver.

When you need a used car but have a spotty or poor credit history in Arizona, consider an LDP car dealership like Auto Action. With basic information other than your credit score, you can quickly get a good loan for a vehicle from the vast inventory available.

500 down car dealerships can help you get a car when you otherwise wouldn’t be able to, as well as help you start rebuilding a poor credit record. Consider a 500 down dealership in Arizona when you need a car right away.