Top 5 Tax Deductible Vehicle Expenses

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Tax deductible season is here again! For a lot of people, tax season is linked to financial related stress and anxiety. Luckily, for those who are looking into or have already bought a car, there are some secrets Auto Action has for tax deductible expenses related to your vehicle, especially if you have your own small business (even business you may not expect like a landscaping company, housekeeping services, construction, etc.) Here are 5 tax deductions you may be eligible for.

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Buy Used Cars for Sale in AZ with Your Tax Refund

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It’s that time of year! No, not Christmas– tax season. While tax season can be stressful for some taxpayers, it can also feel a bit like, well, Christmas, to others. If you are receiving a big tax refund this year, how to spend it can be a difficult decision. While it may seem tempting to splurge and spend your tax refund on non-essential items, putting that money toward a long-term investment is a better choice for the long run. Have you considered buying a used car? If not, maybe you should. Here are 3 reasons why buying a used vehicle with this year’s tax refund is a great idea:

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