Why Purchase Your Next Car from Auto Action

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We know that there are literally hundreds of dealerships to choose from when you are looking to purchase your next vehicle. That’s why Auto Action prides itself on setting ourselves apart from the rest by offering the Auto Action Advantage. Every vehicle comes with the AAAdvantage Package that includes a warranty, free oil changes, anti-theft protection and total loss protection. We do this so you can rest assured you’re purchasing a safe and reliable car.With all of these benefits included in our Auto Action Advantage why would you want to go anywhere else for your next vehicle purchase?Our dealerships provide the financing themselves… that’s right we do the approvals. At Auto Action our staff specializes in financing so that way you may shop with confidence when choosing your next vehicle, making your purchase a seamless process. We have convenient hours, and YES we are open on Sundays too! We are

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Military Assistance Program

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Auto Action thanks the men and women of the United States Military for their service and dedication to defending our country.As our way of recognizing and showing our appreciation to those who risk their lives to defend the United States, Auto Action offers a 3% lower APR to eligible active duty personnel who have at least 24 months of remaining active duty. Regardless of your current credit situation all active Military personnel will receive 3% lower than the comparable APR for a non military customer.

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My Loyalty Reward Program

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The ONLY thing better than paying off your OLD vehicle is getting a better deal on a NEW one!! Auto Action is proud to present the “My Loyalty Rewards” with exclusive reward benefits for our loyal customers. When the remaining balance on your current loan reaches $2500 or less, you will be eligible to trade up the vehicle you NEED in to the vehicle you WANT, with a little or no down payment. We will also report your paid auto loan to your credit bureau to show our appreciation.

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