used car dealerships in az

Are you in the market for a new vehicle? Do you have a brand new, never used before, shiny, perfect vehicle in mind that will show everyone in your life and everyone on the road that you have great taste AND funds? It might be a fun car to test drive around the neighborhood, but before even thinking about pocketing those keys for good, consider your other options.

Rather than being tempted to buy new, there are so many reasons why you should be buying used. There are many great used car dealerships in AZ, and the experts at Auto Action are here to give you the top 3 reasons as to why you should put their vehicles into consideration. As it turns out, buying new isn’t as glamorous as it looks.

1. Depreciation at its Finest

Ah, the reduction in value over time of an asset you spent a fortune on. Sounds great? Not at all! Buying a car brand new will surely result in a mass depreciation value. Car companies are pumping out new ideas, innovations, and designs each year. As soon as the next model comes out, your new vehicle that you spent so much money on could drop at least $10,000 in value that will keep on getting higher month after month, mile after mile.

2. Extreme Costs

A lot of people need help financing an auto loan when shopping from used car dealerships in AZ. Imagine the help needed when financing for a brand new car? Cars are not cheap and are often a huge liability. New cars even cost more to insure. The costs of a new car are overwhelmingly larger than buying a used car in every regard. In addition, when it comes to down payments, often times the more you can afford to put down, the less you will be paying over time in interest expenses. Needless to say, down payments on new vehicles are a lot steeper than what you would pay at any of the used car dealerships in AZ.

3. Woes of the Warranties

Some think of the factory warranty that comes with purchasing a new vehicle as a super advantage that overpowers doing any research on used cars in their local market. However, the warranty one receives after purchasing an eligible vehicle is likely to expire long before any loans will and also long before anything is bound to go wrong with the vehicle itself. Be sure to do the math before putting a new car warranty on the pro side of your pros and cons list.

As any used car dealerships in AZ would tell you, any of today’s cars made within the last 10 years will last longer than you’d think. Nowadays, if you find a used car with a hefty amount of miles on it, you don’t need to opt out of it being your next vehicle purchase. There could still be plenty of miles left on it! Think of all the technological changes the auto industry has gone through! Do some research on the problems certain models have had throughout the last few years. Used cars, in this case, have a lot more going for them because there is a lot more information available about their history. Take advantage of the tools you have available on the web! Check out Consumer Reports,, or for reliable information and accurate information on the history of a particular car model.

Want to learn more about why purchasing a used car makes a lot more sense than buying a new car? Contact one of our experts at Auto Action by filling out the form to your right. We’ll have one of our representatives be in contact with you as soon as possible to address your own individual situation. As always, thanks for choosing Auto Action as one of your favorite used car dealerships in AZ!