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There are several benefits to purchasing a used car instead of buying new. However, some people are intimidated by the process of shopping for a used car. Used car buying is not a new concept but, to some, the process has a bad reputation. The good news for you is that the process has changed over time in some positive ways. New trends in used car buying make it easier and more convenient than ever for you to find a used car that works for you.

Benefits of Buying a Used Car vs Purchasing a New Car
Buy here pay here dealerships and many traditional car dealerships sell used cars to people who are looking for an alternative to purchasing a new car. Instead of going into major debt to purchase a new car, many people look at used cars 500 down for a more affordable option. Choosing a used car instead of a new car will save you upfront on the sticker price and in the long run because you spend less time paying it off which saves on interest.

History of Used Car Shopping
In the past, there were two basic options for used car buying. You either physically went to a used car dealership or negotiated a purchase directly with an individual who wanted to sell their vehicle. The process of finding the right used car was time-consuming because it required you to go to the various locations in order to explore inventory. If you needed financing for the used car, you worked with a traditional lending institution like a bank or credit union.

New Trends in Used Car Buying
The internet and the buy here pay here model have drastically changed the process of finding 500 down used cars and other great deals. Many buy here pay here car lots post inventory online so you can start exploring the options without leaving your home. You can also start the process of applying for financing before you ever set foot on a car lot. New trends in used car buying allow you to check out the available options and get the purchasing process started without going to several different places. For example, if you find a buy here pay here in Phoenix, Arizona that has the car you want, you can learn about the history of the vehicle, schedule a test drive, and get approved for financing before you ever go to the dealership.

Purchasing a used car can be a quick and simple process when you work with a great dealership. Auto Action is a local dealership that offers an extensive inventory and in-house financing. You can find the car you want and get the financing you need from Auto Action – even if your credit history is less than perfect. Get started by exploring inventory online and then schedule a test drive once you find a used car that meets your needs.