Car Trade-In

Should I trade my car in or keep it? This is a common question that car owners face in a number of situations. When is the best time to trade? How do you figure out if you are ready? Where should you go? The answers to these questions will help you determine your next step.

When is the Best Time?

The best time to trade in your car is based on your needs, however, used car values have skyrocketed in the past couple of years. If your family is growing and you need more space, the best time to trade in your car is whenever you need that space. If you want a smaller car payment or are simply ready for a change, then now is the time to trade in your car. Base your decision to trade in your car on your changing needs. No matter what reason you have for trading in your car, the good news is that you can find 500 down used cars and other affordable options at buy here pay here dealerships.

How Do You Know When You’re Ready?

As mentioned above, the timing for trading in your car should be based on your needs. It is also important to consider what you can get for your vehicle. The amount you get for your trade will impact the type of car you can get next. The experts at a buy here pay here in Phoenix, Arizona, such as Tio Rico, can provide you with a value for your trade in. If you need or want to trade in your car – and you find out that the value is at a level that will work for your needs – then you are ready.

Where Should You Go?

There are a number of places you can go to trade in your car. If you are looking for used cars 500 down or a similar deal, buy here pay here car lots are a good place to start your search. Think about where you want to purchase your next car to help you determine where to go to have your current car valued.

If you live in the greater Phoenix area Tio Rico can have your current car appraised for the best trade-in value. Once you have a value, you can look through the extensive inventory available at Tio Rico and find a car that is the right fit for you!