When you are looking for 500 down used cars or another used car option, there are a few tips you need to follow to ensure that you get a good vehicle. Buy here pay here car lots and other types of used car dealerships offer a wide range of used vehicles. Some people purchase used cars that cost tens of thousands of dollars while others look for less expensive options such as used cars 500 down. No matter what price range you are considering, odometer fraud is something to check for when you purchase a used vehicle.

The mileage on a car is an important factor to consider because it gives you information about the current condition of the vehicle and about how much life is left in the car. In addition, the actual mileage on a vehicle impacts the price. You should learn to check for odometer fraud whether you are looking for a car at buy here pay here dealerships, traditionally used car dealerships, or from an individual. Keep reading for some tips on how to check if mileage is genuine on a used car.

Check the Maintenance History and Inspection Records
The majority of used cars have a maintenance history that includes information about things like oil changes, damage repair, and other routine maintenance. If the maintenance and repairs for the vehicle happened in an established repair shop, information about the work was likely recorded and reported. Mileage is included in these reports. You can gain access to this type of information through paid reports like Carfax and on some free reports such as VinCheck. If the mileage you see on the reports does not line up with what you would expect – the car has driven an average of 10,000 miles a year for three years and then only 500 miles in the last year – that may indicate an odometer fraud. You can also request a title history of the car you are considering from the state in which it is registered in order to see an odometer reading history. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration provides information on who to contact in your state to access title history information.

Look for Physical Signs of Odometer Tampering
In order to tamper with an odometer, the criminal will need to remove some or all of the dash surrounding the steering wheel of the vehicle. Look for signs that the screws around the dash have been removed – missing screws, damaged screws, or ill-fitting screws. You should also look for any signs that the dash was pried off – scratches or other damage near seams. If you are shopping at a buy here pay here in Phoenix Arizona or a traditional dealership, point out any signs you notice of odometer tampering and ask for a history on the vehicle to make sure there is no evidence of odometer tampering.

If you plan to purchase a used car from an individual, it is essential for you to check for signs of mileage rollback. The professionals at high quality buy here pay here dealerships and traditionally used car dealerships work hard to protect car buyers from odometer fraud. It is still important for you to know the signs of odometer tampering to help protect yourself from fraud.