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You may be thinking, “Who can afford a car during the holiday season?” Well, there are actually some really good reasons why you should plan on purchasing a car between Thanksgiving and New Years. There are many factors that come together around the holidays that make a purchase like this, really good for your wallet.

3 Tips for Saving Money With Holiday Used Car Deals

Car Sales Are Seasonal

The first factor that makes buying used cars around the holidays, is that used car sales are seasonal. Sales peak during the spring and summer months and decline as the weather gets colder and people don’t want to be outside car shopping (in cold-weather states). All around the country, customers are rushing around and shopping during the holiday months and it can be slow around the dealership lots. Essentially, less demand equals better prices.

Choose a Less Popular Car Class, And Get a Better Deal
Compact and midsize car sales have dipped over the last couple of years as the subcompact SUV and compact SUV segments have taken off. When people trade their used sedans for SUVs and crossovers, there simply aren’t as many used car buyers chasing those four-doors as there used to be. This is a great opportunity to purchase a perfectly great used car for a great price.

Used Car Dealerships are Trying to Meet End-of-Year Sales Goals
Finally, salespeople have goals, dealers have goals, and manufacturers have year-end goals. As we ring in the new year, they’ll all be striving to meet those benchmarks. Don’t worry if you can’t make a deal on a certified used car happen until the end of the New Year’s week, there will still likely be plenty of good deals at used car dealerships in Phoenix Az.

Stop by the Best Used Car Dealerships in Phoenix AZ

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