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Ask most people when the best time of year to buy a car is and most will likely respond in the last week of December. Whether used or new, the end-of-year incentives by dealers and manufacturers are indeed designed to bolster car sales. However, late December thru the first days of January is a very quiet time for the car trade. Though the deals are there, buying a car around Christmas and New Year’s is not on the mind of most people.

What is less well known is that August has become a very good time of year to buy a car as well. There are several reasons as to why. Mainly, it’s due to a combination of back-to-school, the time of year, and the release of the new model year for cars. That convergence has created a number of incentives that have had the effect of pushing used car sales. This summer, if planning on buying a car, then plan on shopping during the month of August. Here’s why:

For many families, August is the time of year that they may need to invest in another car for back-to-school. The start of a new school year can bring about many changes. As children get older, carpooling duties can expand, whether it’s dropping the neighborhood kids off at school, or your turn to pick them up after soccer or band practice. Kids also grow, and it may mean a larger vehicle is necessary to fit everyone comfortably. It may even make sense to have a third row for passengers or expanded storage for extra equipment.

Another car may be needed for older children who are ready for a car of their own. Parents with teenage drivers in high school or older students headed off for college will want to invest in a safe and reliable used car for them. One with fuel economy would be all the better.

Either way, whether it’s for carpooling or that first car for a college-bound student, August is a peak time that families shop for cars. Luckily, it’s also a time of year that car dealers are motivated to move inventory to make way for the new model year.

During the summer months, dealers need to sell used cars to make room for new models coming out in the fall. With late September and October as the traditional start date for the release of cars for the new model year, dealers push sales of the current model year throughout the summer to clear inventory. In the process, they accumulate a considerable amount of trade-ins that also must be moved. They can wholesale or sell to customers but, by August, dealers will have lots of used cars on their lots that must be sold. This makes the month a very good time to buy.

Combine this incentive to sell with a genuine increase in demand related to the new school year and the result makes August a very good time of year to buy a car. Now is a good time to plan if you are considering the purchase of a used car in the near future. Begin your research and shop for a car that will meet your needs or the needs of your child.

Planning when to purchase a car will save money. Knowing that there are better times of the year to go car shopping can lead to big savings. The best buys are at the end of the month. Going shopping during that time can lead to potential savings that can add up to hundreds or maybe thousands of dollars off the list price. You also may get a better interest rate. Finally, whether shopping for a car for the new school year or wondering about the time of year to shop for one, use the calendar to your benefit. With dealer discounts and sales incentives, August is a good time of year to buy a car.

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