buying a used car from a private seller

Buying a car can be a time-consuming process. Shopping for vehicles from private sellers can compound the issues you may face when purchasing a pre-owned vehicle. Before buying a used car from a private seller, consider these common problems:

1. Buying a used car from a private seller takes too long.

Even if you find the perfect pre-owned vehicle online, you must successfully reach the private seller and set up a mutually agreed upon time to see and drive the car. It may be days before you can meet up, and the car may not be everything the seller promised. You may go through this process multiple times before you find an acceptable car. Even then, you’ll want to have your mechanic take a look to make sure you aren’t facing major repair bills.

If you need a car immediately, it’s smart to shop from the inventory held by a reputable used car dealership. It’s easier and faster to test drive several cars in a single visit.

2. There’s No Warranty

Private sellers can’t certify that the car you purchase is free from major problems. They can’t offer a warranty and must sell the vehicle “as is”, which means you’ll handle all repairs starting when you transfer the title.

At Auto Action, we offer a worry-free limited warranty with 12-month/12,000-mile vehicle coverage.

3. You Must Transfer the Title and Handle Vehicle Registration

While a dealership can handle the title paperwork and vehicle registration on your behalf, you’ll have to navigate the process on your own if you buy a vehicle from a private seller. You’ll transfer a title in person and pay the fees upfront in many areas.

A used car dealership can handle the process and sometimes roll the costs into your vehicle financing.

4. Private Sellers Don’t Offer Financing

Getting financing from your bank can be difficult if you are prepared to pay cash for a car from a private seller truly. If you have past credit issues or don’t have a credit history, getting your bank or credit union to finance your used car purchase can be expensive or even impossible.

When you work with a buy here pay here dealership like Auto Action, you can get in-house financing that works with your budget while purchasing the vehicle.

Shop From Our Huge Inventory of Pre-Owned Vehicles

At Auto Action, we have a large volume of high-quality used cars with convenient in-house financing. Ready to go car shopping? Check out our inventory online before heading to our dealership in person.