Car Dealer

Buy here pay here dealerships may work well for people with less-than-perfect credit. If your credit history has some dings and you can’t make a large downpayment, it can be difficult to get financing for the car you need. Unlike traditional car dealerships, our buy here pay here lot considers all applications, even if you don’t have a credit history or have had past credit problems.  

How Does A Buy Here Pay Here Dealership Work?

When you work with a reputable buy here pay here car dealership, your financing is handled in-house. Buy here pay here dealerships sell and finance cars.  Unlike other dealerships, we don’t pass your personal information off to dozens of lenders.  We can often help buyers who need a good car but may have problems getting an auto loan.

We make getting financed for your next car easy. You can even fill out the application online.

Why Our Customers Choose Buy Here Pay Here Dealerships

Our customers choose Auto Action Arizona because of our large inventory, our commitment to excellent service, and our promise to get you into the car you need as quickly as possible.

Shop our large inventory. Traditional dealerships typically keep a lower inventory of used cars on hand than a buy here pay here lot. Their inventory may consist of only a few trade-ins. Our buy here pay here lots typically offer a much better selection for credit-challenged buyers.

Enjoy our excellent service. Every Auto Action Advantage customer receives our AAAdvantage Package with free oil changes, loss protection, anti-theft protection, and more.

Get on the road fast. Our customers get on the road fast with our streamlined in-house financing process. With traditional dealerships, you may spend hours with sales and financing, only to get rejected.

Can Buy Here Pay Here Dealerships In Phoenix, Arizona, Help Me Get a Car?

Yes, your local buy here pay here dealerships in Pheonix, Arizona, may be able to help even the most credit-challenged customers purchase a car. However, not all buy here pay here dealerships offer the same advantages as Auto Action.

Maybe you haven’t had a chance to build your credit history or you’ve had some financial difficulties that hurt your credit scores. We specialize in helping credit-challenged customers get into a high-quality used car with a budget-friendly down payment. When you buy a car from us, we handle the entire financing and buying process in-house.

Do Buy Here Pay Here Car Lots Sell $500 Down Used Cars?

We offer a large inventory of excellent used cars for sale with $500 down. Visit one of Auto Action Arizona’s many convenient locations, today or contact us to learn more about how buy here pay here dealerships can help you get the auto loan you need.