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Looking for a new car can be stressful, especially when you’re thinking about getting a used car. It’s not only a big purchase, but you want to make sure you are getting a good deal on a good quality vehicle that won’t cost you too much in repairs later on. The good thing is that you are taking an initiative to make a responsible decision by reading these quick and easy tips. Below are 4 important things you should know before buying your next car.

Research Used Cars and Prices

The first smart step in buying a used car is doing your research. In order to make a smart and educated decisions about your new car purchase, you’ll need to determine what your car needs are. Get out your paper and pen and use these ideas to help you get going:

Price: If you’re not independently wealthy, the price of the car will shape many of the decisions you make when choosing what kind of car you will purchase. Keep in mind that auto insurance, fuel and maintenance costs are all factors that go into the true price of a car.

Size: How many passengers need to ride in this car on a regular basis?

Fuel Efficiency: With gas prices on the rise, gas mileage has become an increasingly more important factor in choosing a new car. If you are needing a larger vehicle to fit all your expected passengers, you will want to carefully compare mileage among available models in your size and price range.

Safety: What safety features are a must-have for you?

Features and options: Is there one particular feature that you want your car to have such as a GPS, 4 wheel drive, or an entertainment system?

Resale Value: What will your car be worth three to five years from now if you want to sell it? Some models are famous for having good resale values; others lose a significant amount of their value the moment you drive off the lot.

Now that you have a list of what your new car must have it’s time to look online and head to a dealer to see what Arizona car sales are available for you. As an educated consumer, you should now feel confident and well-prepared to take the next step in this important buying decision.


Know What Questions to Ask

Before you head to the dealership, it’s important to know the right kind of questions you should ask. You want to be able to leave the dealer feeling like you collected all the information you need to make the best decision for you. Now you’re probably wondering, “what questions should I ask?” Here are a few you want to be sure to ask to get you started:

If the car is certified, can I see the mechanic’s pre-certification inspection?

What other fees will I be charged?

How much is your documentation fee?

What service has the dealership performed on the used car since acquiring it?

You can also find a lot of other helpful resources online to help you prepare for your visit to the dealership. There’s nothing worse than being unprepared and getting taken advantage of when buying your new car and finding yourself stuck with a list of additional fees you didn’t account for.


Have a Test Drive Checklist

Whether you’re buying a new or a used car, one of the determining factors in your decisions will be based on the test drive of the car so a test drive checklist is essential. Here are a few things you want to make sure you take a look at or observe during your test drive.

Does the car start up easily and smoothly?

Stand behind the car. Any smoke?

Does the engine respond smoothly and quickly to pushing accelerator pedal?

When accelerating up a hill, does the engine seem strong and smooth?

Is it easy to pass other vehicles?

Is the engine quiet?

Do the brakes feel good and strong when stopping?

There are several other tests you’ll want to do before purchasing your car. Although car test drive checklists may seem long and time consuming, you want to make sure you take your time. In the long run, you’ll be glad you did.


Buying a new car should never be an impulse buy. Do your research, know what you’re looking for, and know what to ask the dealer in order to set yourself up for making the best decision possible. At Auto Action, we are a premier Buy Here Pay Here Arizona car sales and used car dealership here to help you get into the car of your dreams. Visit us online, at one of our convenient locations, or give us a call to see how we can help you today!