Car Dealership

500 down used car dealerships (also called buy here pay here car lots) work well for people who need to buy a car but don’t have a stellar credit history or large down payment. Unlike used car inventories on traditional car dealer lots, buy here pay here car lots don’t require a credit history.

Large Inventory

Traditional car dealerships will have a used car inventory from trade-ins and possibly auction purchases. They finance used cars the same way they finance new car sales – through banks and traditional financial institutions. Their used car inventory may be limited by the size of their dealership.

500 down used car dealerships like Auto Action Arizona will typically have larger inventories of used cars to choose from, although there are some smaller dealerships. When you need a used car and are limited in credit and finances, the bigger buy here pay here car lots have a better selection than traditional dealers.

Excellent Service

When you are in the market for a used car and looking at 500 down used car dealerships, make sure to look at the services offered. At buy here pay here car lots, you will get financing without a traditional credit history requirement and a low down payment. But that’s not the only thing you should look for.

The Auto Action Advantage provides a lot of extra attention and service when you purchase your car from them. Every auto purchase comes with our AAAdvantage Package with warranty, free oil changes, anti-theft protection, and loss protection. You don’t just buy a car, drive away, and never hear from us again!

Fast Easy Service

When you need a car for reliable transportation, you need one quickly. Traditional dealerships make you go through a rigorous sales and financing process, requiring some time to talk to sales, business managers, and finance organizations. That doesn’t always work when you need reliable transportation for work, school, and other daily obligations.

Buy here pay here car lots like Auto Action Arizona provide fast service and an easy buying and financing process. Auto Action Arizona’s customer application process can be done online or on location at any of its six sites. It’s easy to select your car, discuss financing, and complete your purchase with Auto Action.

When you are shopping for a used car in Arizona but don’t have the means to get traditional financing, consider one of Auto Action Arizona’s many convenient locations.