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A lot of people in the past several years have decided to adapt to a more environmentally conscious lifestyle. From recycling, to composting, to unplugging electronics when not in use, all the way for searching for the perfect eco-friendly vehicle, the ways to give back to the environment are ultimately endless. Unfortunately, with finding the perfect eco-friendly vehicle, is it possible to find one from no credit car dealers? And if so, is it possible to finance that vehicle in a way that one can afford?

Eco-Friendly No Credit Car Dealers
The experts at Auto Action along with many other local no credit car dealers are spreading awareness of SmartWay, which is a program developed in 2004 by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that highlights different vehicles that not only are proven to reduce harmful carbon emissions, but also are affordable.

What is SmartWay?
It’s likely that you’ve never heard of SmartWay, so here is a little background. Similar to EnergyStar on how certain buildings, electronics, or appliances are rated, SmartWay helps to educate both individuals and businesses as to which vehicles are the most energy efficient. In fact, within the past decade, SmartWay has eliminated tens of millions of CO2 metric tons from the roads, in turn saving over 100 million barrels of oil and over $16 billion in fuel costs. No wonder gas prices have decreased dramatically!

How Does a Vehicle Become SmartWay Certified?
So what does it take to receive a SmartWay certified rating? In order to get any sort of designation, a vehicle must meet the SmartWay standard criteria based on its emissions of smog or greenhouse gasses. You may be surprised to know that SmartWay certified vehicles range all the way to 2000, so it’s likely no credit car dealers who have lots of used cars will have these cars available. So next time you stop by your local Auto Action or any other no credit car dealers, be sure to ask about their SmartWay inventory. If purchasing a vehicle that can help you reduce your carbon footprint at the same time as reducing your gas spend, then why not look into it? If you think purchasing an eco-friendly car is the right choice for you, contact the expert no credit car dealers at Auto Action today by filling out the form to the right!