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Have you ever tested out how long it takes your car to go from 0 to 60mph? You aren’t alone! In fact, a lot of people will associate how fast their car can do that with the car’s level of performance. However, any Arizona car dealership would advise you otherwise. The performance of your vehicle should actually be associated to how long it takes your vehicle to go from 60 to 0mph. That’s right, your brakes are one of the most important aspects of your car! Of course, it’s no surprise! That’s why the experts at your favorite Arizona car dealership want you to put the best practices of brake safety to the test! After all, your vehicle’s ability to come to a quick stop could be the difference between a miss and a possible tragedy.

Screeching for a Change-Up
Do you hear strange noises when you hit the brakes? Whether you’re hitting them hard or not, if your vehicle makes a strange noise once the brake pedal is lowered, it’s a sign that your brake pads are worn out. When this occurs, it means that your brake pads are so worn down that the rivets they are attached to are rubbing on the rotor, causing damage inside your hood. So make sure to save your money; the only way to fix this issue is to get to the shop as soon as possible.

Coming to a Halt
Are you noticing a difference in height of your brake pedals? This may mean that your pedals are sinking into the floor, which will make it even harder for you to come to a quick and sudden stop if you need to. This problem is associated with a poor hydraulic connection, meaning that if your master brake cylinder could be about to break. Again, the best way to fix this problem is to contact us at Auto Action or the local Arizona car dealership you purchased from so you can have you towed to a specialist who can fix you up and get you back on the road as soon as possible.

Go With Your Gut
You know are used to driving your vehicle. If you feel something is different or your car is acting strangely, do not hesitate to call the local Arizona car dealership you purchased from. Better safe than sorry!

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