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Fall is coming! Are you ready to see the seasons colors with a day trip this weekend? The best place to see the spectacular Arizona autumn foliage is up in the mountains! The higher you so, the sooner the colors will start changing. October is the perfect time to head over for a relaxing hike knowing that it won’t be too hot! So take a break from scouring all the Phoenix Arizona car dealerships this weekend! Take some time for yourself and your family and check out one of these amazing views!

White Mountains
Head on over to Greens Peak and take a look at the colors of the valleys below. If you head even further on Forest Road 117 you’ll drive right through the aspen forests that are currently popping with gorgeous fall colors! This drive may take some time, so don’t forget to get your car checked out by one of the Auto Action Phoenix Arizona car dealerships beforehand.

North Rim
The northern side of the Grand Canyon not only has brilliant fall coloring but also provides a view like no other. Not to mention, the Kaibab Plateau is one of the best places to take your next Christmas card photo!

Hualapai Mountains
A lot of people just assume northwestern Arizona doesn’t really get any of the autumn season. Little did you know, you just have to look up! Hualapai Mountains rise over 8,000 feet and show a huge display of the beautiful changing trees below. You can also rent a cabin for the weekend and spend some quality time at the campground, exploring all sorts of different trails. What a great way to remember the 2016 fall season!

Oak Creek Canyon
Head north of Sedona and experience the colors of Oak Creek Canyon. Similar to the Hualapai Mountains, there are tons of beautiful trees with gorgeous colors to embrace along the canyon trails and campsites. Just remember to have one of your local Auto Action Phoenix Arizona car dealerships to take a look at your anti-freeze levels beforehand. Trust us, waking up to a frozen engine is no fun at all!

Enjoy the changing seasons this fall with your family. When you’re done, you’ll have memories to last a lifetime. Visit your local Auto Action Phoenix Arizona car dealerships locations to learn more about how you can enjoy the fall season with one of our many great used cars in stock! Fill out the form to your right to get started today and one of our experts will be in contact with you as soon as possible.