Owning a car comes with some expenses – there is no way around that fact. You must keep up with maintenance and put gas in your car regularly if you want it to run. There are other potential expenses that may seem optional but you must be careful about what you choose to cut in order to save on costs. Car insurance is one item that you should never skip out on. Even if you are looking at used cars 500 down, insurance is still important. Comprehensive insurance can cover you – and keep you in a vehicle – in situations where you damage your car or have it stolen.

Why is it important to have proper insurance on my car?
Proper car insurance provides you with a layer of protection against unforeseen issues with your car. It is important to have proper insurance on your car because, without it, you could end up owing money on a vehicle that you no longer have. For example, if you get in a wreck with no insurance and the car is totaled, you will have to continue paying on it even though you cannot drive it anymore. And, you will have to find another option for transportation. With the proper insurance, you will be able to get back into another car and will not have to worry about paying off the previous note.

Does insurance cover a stolen car if the keys are left inside?
Another important reason to have insurance is to protect your car from theft. Comprehensive or full coverage insurance will provide you with protection from theft – even if you leave your keys inside your car. This level of insurance protects you in a variety of situations. Some people choose to only get minimum insurance coverage when they have inexpensive vehicles – like 500 down used cars – but that is a mistake. Even inexpensive vehicles from buy here pay here dealerships need coverage to protect against issues such as theft.

What are the other benefits of comprehensive insurance?
Other benefits of comprehensive insurance include being covered if you are hit by an uninsured motorist, having repairs covered when the damage does not cause your car to be totaled, and having the peace of mind that you are covered when something unexpected happens to your vehicle.

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