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Test driving different cars while shopping at various Phoenix auto dealers is fun. But shopping for that perfect insurance deal is not. Ever wonder what the secret is to land the best deal on Phoenix auto insurance? Whether you’re looking for the bare minimum state required insurance policy or would prefer to find the cheapest deal on bumper-to-bumper coverage, the experts at the Phoenix Auto Action have some tips for you on comparing and shopping around to find the best insurance policy for your budget.

“Where Should I Start?”
There are many insurance companies, both national and local, so be sure to do some competitive research before just solely looking into the auto insurance giants like Allstate, Geico, Progressive, and State Farm.

Find Out The Phoenix Auto Insurance Requirement
You may not be aware that every state has a different policy when is comes to auto insurance. In fact, each state has a minimum insurance requirement that forces every active motorist to carry a minimal level of insurance on their vehicle just to ensure that any driver can cover the cost of damage if an accident were to occur. If a driver is caught driving without insurance, a hefty ticket and fine will be written.

Shop Around & Compare Different Policies
The most important part of landing the best and most affordable Phoenix auto insurance policy is to spend some time shopping around. It will be well worth it in the long run when you end up saving a hefty sum of money each year.

Most car insurance companies will post their rates online and even have price comparison tools available to prospects. Use these resources carefully and compile a spreadsheet of quotes in order to see which one will best fit your needs–and budget. Keep in mind that many of these online tools require the following:

1. Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
2. Driver’s license number of each driver on your plan
3. Driving record information

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Discounts
Once you’ve done your research and shopped around a bit, try asking the insurance representative about any discounts you may be eligible for. Some of these discounts may be applied if you are a good student or safe driver, have completed a driver’s education course, have safety devices implemented in your vehicle, or have multiple drivers on your plan. There are also many other discounts offered individually by insurance companies that are hidden, so be sure to ask!

Although these tips are not exactly a direct step-by-step guide to saving money on car insurance, they should give you a good idea on how to begin your search for the best Phoenix auto insurance plan and rates possible. No matter what company you plan on insuring through, the Phoenix Auto Action experts are here to help you with any advice to help you further you vehicle purchasing experience.

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