overdue oil change symptoms

Regular oil changes help to keep your engine running smoothly and extend the life of your vehicle. Many people are unaware of the signs indicating their vehicle is overdue for an oil change. When you delay oil changes, you put your vehicle at risk. Here are some overdue oil change symptoms that will tell you your car is overdue for an oil change.

1. Oil Change Warning Light

One of the most obvious overdue oil change symptoms is when the oil change warning light is up on your dashboard. This light may appear as a symbol or message that says “oil change.” If you see this warning light, immediately take your vehicle to a mechanic or service center to change your oil. Ignoring this warning light can lead to serious engine damage and expensive repairs.

2. Loud Engine Noise

If you hear loud engine noise or knocking sounds, it may be a sign that your vehicle is overdue for an oil change. The oil in your engine provides lubrication and reduces friction between moving parts. When the oil is old or dirty, it cannot perform this function effectively, and the engine may begin to make loud noises. If you hear unusual engine sounds, consult your mechanic and change your oil immediately to avoid engine damage.

3. Poor Fuel Economy

Another sign that your vehicle is overdue for an oil change is poor fuel economy. As your engine works harder due to dirty oil, it will consume more fuel to compensate for the increased friction and reduced performance. If you notice a sudden drop in fuel economy, it may be time to change your oil. Regular oil changes can help to improve your vehicle’s fuel efficiency and save you money on gas.

4. Discolored Exhaust Smoke

Exhaust smoke that is dark gray or black can indicate that your vehicle is overdue for an oil change. As the oil in your engine breaks down, it can become contaminated with dirt, debris, and other harmful particles. This can lead to increased emissions and smoke coming from your exhaust pipe. If you notice excessive smoke, emissions, or strong-smelling exhaust, you must talk with your mechanic about your concerns and change your oil as soon as possible.

5. Poor Engine Performance

If you notice a loss of power or acceleration, you should contact your mechanic immediately. Old or dirty oil can lead to decreased engine performance, reduced power, and acceleration. If you notice any of these symptoms, you should change your oil as soon as possible to help restore your engine’s performance and avoid costly repairs.

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