10 Best SUVs Under $20K

best suvs under 20000

You will find some of the best SUVs under $20,000 are available at Auto Action in Phoenix and the greater Phoenix area. SUVs have always been trendy and well-liked – however, for many drivers nowadays, an SUV represents a practical option for transportation. Over the years it has grown popular with families large and small, and are popular with couples and singles, too. SUVs offer versatility, plus they are spacious, comfortable, and easy to drive. They also come in a variety of sizes. Full-size SUVs can transport you and your son’s or daughter’s Little League team. But there are standard, medium and compact size SUVs, as well, that have plenty of options to choose from. And more important, many SUVs are budget-friendly and have more standard features than ever. If you’re in the market for the best SUV under $20,000, we’re here to help. Rather than buy new, you can

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How to Research Used Cars Online

used car research

If you are considering buying a used car then it’s important to set aside some time and do a little used car research to make sure you find the right make and model to meet your needs. Finding that car is a step-by-step process. With the amount of information available at your fingertips, you can easily check the prices, know what you can afford, find a wide range of choices in makes and models, read the dealership reviews, check the vehicle history reports, and more. Here are six steps to guide you in your used car research before you walk into a dealership and test drive a car.

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What Are Buy Here Pay Here Car Lots

what are buy here pay here lots

If you are car shopping and wonder, “What are buy here pay here car lots?” or “How are they different than traditional dealerships?” the answer is pretty straightforward. Buy here pay here car lots (BHPH) literally mean just that. BHPH dealers offer on-site financing. They sell and finance the cars on the lot. At a traditional car dealership, the car is sold at the dealership, but financed through an auto lender.

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Is a Car Loan a Good Way to Build Credit

good ways to build credit

Looking for good ways to build credit but not sure where to start? An easy, reliable way to help give your credit a boost has always been through a car loan. For starters, it will have an impact of both your credit report and your credit score. In the long haul, paying the loan on time will also help you establish or rebuild your credit, and improve your credit score. Repayment will also improve your eligibility to receive other types of loans, such as a mortgage, personal loan or credit card.

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Practical Tips for Buying a Car with Bad Credit

how to finance a car with bad credit

How to finance a car with bad credit comes down to taking a few proactive steps. The fact is, you can find a car, finance it, and drive away no matter your credit woes. If you’re willing to do some shopping, be patient, with a little homework, you will certainly be able to finance a car that will work for you. Here are some practical tips and considerations for consumers with credit problems who are about to enter the car market.

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5 Benefits to Buying a Used Car

why buy a used car

Why buy a used car? Buying a used car saves you money. It’s that simple. These days, used cars offer reliable transportation for consumers. They last. You can get the miles you need out of them, which means you will get the most for your money. Used cars offer a great value, too. The affordability is a very good way to save dollars, especially for families on a budget. Why buy the same model new car for thousands of dollars more than a used one? There is much to consider when purchasing a car, but ultimately, if you want to save money on that purchase, buying a used car is the way to go. Here are 5 top money-saving benefits for buying a used car and some tips on how to select the right car for you.

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Helpful Tips for Buying a Used Car

When it comes to buying a car, if your goal is to get the biggest bang for your buck, purchasing a used car rather than buying a new one will save you money. There’s no denying the good feeling you have when you go car shopping and find the same car model used as new, but pay a lower price for it. That’s a good of a reason as any to buy a used car, but there are other cost-saving reasons to buy used. With a little bit of homework before deciding on a used car to buy, here are 9 tips for buying a used car and some of the benefits of doing so.

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10 Driving Tips for Holiday Travel

Any seasoned traveler knows that millions take to the road during the holiday season. The increase in traffic can easily increase the stress levels for most drivers. Safety becomes a concern and with it much preparation and costs estimates for the trip. To ease the stress, as you prepare to travel, here are 10 driving tips, in no particular order, to make the holiday drive that much more enjoyable, a little more affordable, and your travel that much safer. 

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How Do “Buy Here, Pay Here” Dealerships Work?

In recent years, ‘Buy Here, Pay Here’ dealerships (BHPH) have gained in popularity as more people have come to realize the convenience, helpfulness, and benefits that these types of used car dealers offer. Gone is the stigma once associated with BHPH dealerships, the sketchy used car dealers have been replaced by reputable car dealers that offer a good inventory of quality used cars with guarantees and viable options to purchase for people with limited or no credit, or those with poor credit. The differences between BHPH dealerships and traditional used car dealers are minimal and can offer several key financial benefits to their customers.

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Car Seat Friendly Cars for Your Growing Family

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From setup to install, it’s a universal truth that dealing with child car seats is a royal pain in the you-know-what. The whole process of fitting the actual seat into the car, and finding the latches to install can be a challenge, to say the least. Raise your hand if you are a parent that is sick of dealing with a family vehicle that has an archaic child seat system. Out of all the auto dealerships in Phoenix AZ, Auto Action offers the largest variety of affordable car seat friendly vehicles for your growing family. Below we list five of the top child seat friendly vehicles that Auto Action features.

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