Why a Used Station Wagon Might be Better Than An SUV


When it comes to SUV vs. station wagon, it’s no secret that the station wagon has taken a back seat (pun intended) in popularity to the SUV over the past several decades. The once indispensable station wagon not only used to carry whole families around town and country but ferry public servants and salesmen about on their daily business. Today, it’s the SUV (and to a lesser extent, the minivan) that transports families and sales staff around.

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These Are 10 of the Best Weekend Road Trips in Arizona


If you are looking for adventure and an amazing journey, look no further—the best weekend road trips in Arizona await you. Few states are better suited for a road trip than Arizona—the Grand Canyon State has some of the most dramatic landscapes and breathtaking scenery in North America. It’s an incredibly diverse geological wonder that is rich in the history of the Old West. Though there is much to see and experience, here are 10 places to consider for your next road trip in Arizona:

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What You Should Do After a Car Accident

car accident

Knowing what to do after a car accident is important for everyone—it may not only involve helping someone who is hurt or calling 911 but knowing what to do after a car accident can protect you financially. Chances are you will be in a car accident at least once in your life. Statistics bear out that car accidents can happen anytime, anywhere. The U.S. alone averages 6 million car accidents each year, or roughly 16,438 per day. Sadly, of these crashes, over 37,000 each year are fatal, with an additional 3 million people injured or disabled.

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10 New Car Trends – Are the Bells & Whistles Worth It?

Car Navigation

Each model year, cars come out with new features, gadgets or cost-saving ‘smart’ technology. Strides are made in such technology as fuel economy, safety, power trains, infotainment systems, comfort, and so on. There are loads of bells and whistles. Yet, some of these new car trends can leave you scratching your head with frustration. Here are ten car trends that many wish would go the way of the dodo!

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Automatic vs Manual Transmissions

Gear Box

For some, whether to purchase an automatic or manual transmission may be an afterthought when looking for a car or truck. But one thing is for certain. A vehicle’s transmission plays an absolutely critical role in the inner workings of every car. A transmission houses a vehicle’s gearbox—gears that control the engine’s power.

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Why August is a Good Time of Year to Buy a Car

Car Lot

Ask most people when the best time of year to buy a car is and most will likely respond in the last week of December. Whether used or new, the end-of-year incentives by dealers and manufacturers are indeed designed to bolster car sales. However, late December thru the first days of January is a very quiet time for the car trade. Though the deals are there, buying a car around Christmas and New Year’s is not on the mind of most people.

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Finding the Best Tires for the Money


When it comes to your car, finding the best tires for your money can go a long way to help ensure that you and your family’s drive is a safe one. Though often overlooked, a car’s tires play an important role in driving safely. The ability to control and handle a car in large part depends on the quality and condition of its tires. The longer the tread life of a tire, the longer it will last.

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Ignoring These Important Vehicle Repairs Could Get You Pulled Over

Police Car

Maybe your muffler is a little loud or the high beam on one of your headlights is out, but important vehicle repairs should never be put on hold or ignored. No matter where you live, your car must meet certain safety and mechanical requirements in order for it to be street legal. The consequence of ignoring important vehicle repairs is not a matter of if, but when you will receive a citation and fine.

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Best Age and Mileage for a Used Car

Car Dashboard

If you are wondering how to buy a used car and what age and mileage are best, the short answer is in finding the sweet spot where age and mileage come together to give you the best return on the dollar. This means, with regular maintenance and years of reliable transportation. The longer answer is in overcoming some of the challenges you may encounter when buying a used car. Your best bet is being prepared, knowing what to look for and expect from used car dealers, obtaining a loan, and knowing when you have found the most car for your money.

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