Buy Here Pay Here Dealerships and Your Credit

Car Dealer

Buy here pay here dealerships may work well for people with less-than-perfect credit. If your credit history has some dings and you can’t make a large downpayment, it can be difficult to get financing for the car you need. Unlike traditional car dealerships, our buy here pay here lot considers all applications, even if you don’t have a credit history or have had past credit problems.  

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5 Best Used Mini-Vans for Under 25k

Ford Van

Minivans are the ultimate family vehicle. Many soon-to-be parents start shopping for a minivan before the first baby is born. Plenty of comfortable passenger space, lots of cargo room, and towing capacity make a very utilitarian ride. Newer models have attractive modern features all-wheel drive, rear-seat entertainment, and a built-in vacuum cleaner. If you’re in the market for one of the best used minivans, consider one of the following models for under $25,000.

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9 Tips for First Time Car Buyers

Car buying

Buying a car is stressful. The first time buying a used car is no exception. found that Americans hate car buying so much, that they’d give up special activities like social media or smartphones to avoid it. They describe it as more stressful than getting married and wish it wasn’t so hard. The following tips can make it easier.

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What Makes Buy Here Pay Here Financing Unique

SUV in Desert

When you need to buy a car but aren’t in the best position financially, you need to look at financing options. Saving up to buy a car with cash or getting a bank auto loan are options that take time and aren’t easy. Consider buy here pay here financing and all the advantages it offers versus traditional auto loans. Traditional Auto Buying Financing Traditional dealerships work with bank financing to help their customers get car loans for their car sales. The banks require credit histories, have credit and income formulas, and down payment requirements. Not to mention finance rates tied to credit and income. To get the car you want with traditional financing, even a used car, you’d have to meet some challenging financial requirements. The first hurdle is credit history. The next is a large down payment. Even if you have fairly good credit, to get a loan with

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What is a 500 Down Dealership

new car

It’s a challenge when you need a dependable used car fast but don’t have any savings or good credit. Even if you live within walking distance of your job, you need a car for so many other everyday activities. Going to the grocery store, visiting relatives, going out with friends – you can’t realistically walk everywhere.

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Buying from a Low Down Payment Car Dealership

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Unless you live in a busy metropolis with various forms of reliable public transportation, or you like taking taxis and ride shares everywhere, you need a car. But for many people, getting a car can be a challenging proposition. Few people have the means to pay cash upfront for the entire vehicle purchase, and traditional auto loans have tough financial and credit formulas to meet.

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